The LDD formulates and recommends plans, programs, policies, rules and regulations.  The division also coordinates the implementation of the Genetic Conservation and Improvement Program, in particular the PNAD. The LDD is also responsible for accrediting swine, beef cattle and small ruminants breeder farms and for the registration of game fowl farms.


“Promoting policies and programs on genetic improvement, conservation and utilization, technology generation and livestock and poultry enterprises in order to uplift the quality of life and well-being of small-hold farming communities in particular.”


The Livestock Development Division (LDD) started as Animal Husbandry Division when the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) was created on January 30, 1930 pursuant to Act 3639.

The Animal Husbandry Division underwent several reorganizations. It became Livestock and Poultry Propagation Division (LPPD) when BAI was subjected to a thorough reorganization on January 6, 1957 by virtue of the Reorganizational Plan no. 3-A as implemented by Executive Order No. 216.

When the Bureau of Animal Industry was again reorganized by virtue of Executive Order 292 of 1987 Administrative Code, the name Livestock and Poultry Propagation Division was changed to Livestock Development Division.


  • Formulate programs for the development and expansion of the livestock, poultry, and dairy industries to meet the requirements of the growing populace;
  • Recommend the specific policies and procedures governing the flow of livestock products through the various stages of marketing, as well ass the proper preservation and inspection of such products;
  • Coordinate and monitor the activities and projects relating to livestock and allied industries;
  • Prescribe standards for quality in the manufacture, importation, labeling, advertising, distribution and sale of livestock, poultry, and allied industries; and
  • For its own sector, recommend plans, programs, policies, rules and regulations to the Secretary and provide technical assistance in the implementation of the same.


  • Formulates, designs, develops, disseminates, evaluates and coordinates genetic conservation, utilization and improvement programs, projects and activities geared at developing and improving the quality and quantity of livestock and poultry in the country.
  • Establishes model breeding facilities for propagating and expanding elite gene pool, and develop husbandry and technical expertise for distribution of superior/improved genetic material-animals, semen and embryos.
  • Represents the country in the World’s Animal Genetic Resource Program.
  • Designs and closely coordinates with other livestock agencies such as LDC and the livestock and poultry organizations, associations and groups in establishing breed registration, accreditation, and genetic and performance recording system.
  • In coordination with the National Management Committee of the Department of Agriculture, monitors, reviews and evaluates the implementation of the Multi-Livestock Development Loan Program.
  • Initiates, develops and packages on a model basis approach business livestock and poultry enterprises.
  • Establishes, promotes and advocates joint-ventures and partnerships in the development of the livestock and poultry industry.
  • Performs other related tasks as may be assigned.