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The Bureau of Animal Industry- Livestock Research and Development Division (BAI-LRDD) in partnership with the Philippine Association of Research Managers, Inc. (PHILARM) conducted a “Training-Workshop on Research Design, Data Analysis and Interpretation”  on October 11-13, 2016 at the ASR3, Animal And Dairy Sciences Cluster (ADSC), University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), and BP International Makiling, Jamboree Site, Los Baños,  Laguna.

IMG 2232

Participants of the training.

 The three-day training-workshop was attended by the  26 participants comprosing of LRDD research staff together with the technical representatives from Animal Health and Welfare Division (AHWD); Veterinary Laboratory Division (VLD); National Veterinary Quarantine Services Division (NVQSD); National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Division (NSPRDC), and; the National Breeder Cattle Research and Development Division (NBCRDC) of the BAI.

The said training aims to enhance the capability of the participants on research design, data analysis and interpretation. Through the activity, the participants were able to identify appropriate research design and sampling procedures; formulate quantitative research questions; formulate appropriate statistical tools given the research problem(s); conduct data analysis using the SAS software, and; interpret the result of data analysis.IMG 2217

The resource speakers from the UPLB-ADSC, who are known to be experts on both animal science researches and statistics, were the following: Dr. Consuelo Amor Estrella; Prof. Veneranda Magpantay; Dr. Cesar C. Sevilla; Dr. Christine Adiova; Prof. Rodeza Kristine Cordoves, and; Prof. Karla Joy S. Ty.  

Part of the activity is the group presentation of either research proposal, or the data of the on-going or finished research project, applying the statistical sampling techniques and statistical analysis discussed during the training.  Five (5) groups presented their output to the panel of judges composed of the lecturers themselves.  IMG 2194

Among the presentations, three (3) were announced winners: 1st Place: “Comparative Study of Two Stunning Procedures on Rabbit Slaughtering Under Philippine Condition” presented by Dr. Eduardo Jose T. Manuel, Jr.; 2nd Place- “Serological Profiling of Common Economical Diseases of Naturally Grown Pigs in Selected Provinces in the Philippines” presented by   Dr. Riva Marie Gonzales, and; 3rd Place- “Dry Matter Production of Selected Napier Varieties at Two Cutting Intervals Planted Under Bagalupa, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur” presented by Ms. Emily Victorio.

In his lecture, Dr. Sevilla stated that the success of the on-farm research depends on whether the farmers are adopting the technology or not. Since animal researches are more difficult and expensive to perform compared to plant/crop researches, researchers should be more certain of the research design and statistical analysis to be used in such studies to avoid wastage of resources.

The aforementioned training-workshop was the first ever capability-enhancement activity carried out by the BAI-LRDD. Next to this, “Training-Workshop on Scientific Technical Writing” will follow on November 2016.  With such kind of activities, it is hoped that the BAI researchers will be more equipped in doing researches, a leap towards the target of the bureau to produce 3 scientists by the year 2020.

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